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Business Online Banking is the most reliable and easiest solution to keep in constant contact with your businesses accounts. Business Online Banking is designed for all sizes of business and offers multiple features that are fully customizable to work the way your business does. Real time balance information is critical to managing your businesses cash flow, and Business Online Banking provides it all with one simple log in.

Business Online Banking Features

Statement Details

Accurate and reliable account information for all of your account relationships, including loans. Real-time balances provide you with up-to-the minute data that includes posted deposits, float calculations, paid checks, incoming electronic transfers, credit line advances, internal sweeps, access to copies of cancelled checks, and access to current and past account statements.

Funds Management

Issue funds transfers internally and to other financial institutions, consolidate funds from other financial institutions, or inquire into funds transfers that have already been issued. Choose from a variety of Funds Management Options such as Payroll, ACH, and Wire Transfers, to help you manage your cash flow more effectively.

Stop Payments

Easily place stop payments online using Business Online Banking. Also check on the status of previously placed stop payments.

Payroll Solutions

Business Online Banking offers your business the capability to pay your employees electronically. Businesses with one to one thousand employees will benefit from this easy to use solution. Use either our software that creates NACHA formatted payroll entries, or use your own through our file import feature. Business Online Banking is very flexible. You will enjoy the ease at which your payroll entries will reconcile, while your employees will enjoy having their payroll automatically deposited into their accounts at any financial institution in the country.

ACH Solutions

If you are a small business owner that collects recurring dollar amounts from your customers, Business Online Banking ACH Solutions are perfect for you. This feature allows you to collect payments electronically from individuals or companies on a recurring basis. Among the many uses include: utility bills, health club memberships, tanning salon memberships, lawn care and snow plowing services, contributions and donations, and tuition payments.

Wire Transfer Solutions

Use Business Online Banking to originate domestic wire transfers right from your office. By providing us with the wire transfer routing information once, we can create a repetitive wire transfer template for you to use quickly and easily as often as you wish.

Robust Security Features

Designed specifically for larger businesses with multiple users, Business Online Banking is fully customizable by you, giving you complete control over which employees have access to specific features and accounts. Security levels can be manipulated and adjusted by your businesses designated security administrator. State-of-the-art security tokens with passwords that change every 30 seconds are also issued to businesses that use Funds Management features.

Bill Payment Solutions

The perfect tool for the small business. Use our Bill Payment solution, Business Bill Pay-e Plus, to schedule and make payments through our secure website service. Use the reports feature to budget and track expenses with ease. Business Bill Pay-e Plus can have all of your monthly supplier invoices paid in a few minutes, allowing you to do what you do best – run your business. There is a nominal cost of $9 per month for this service which includes 20 transactions. Transactions exceeding 20 are $.50 each.