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We know businesses come in all shapes and sizes.

At First National Bank of McHenry, we have the expertise and specialization to meet the commercial lending needs of our business clients. Our dedicated Commercial Lending staff works closely with our business owners to develop the best possible financing solution. We are committed to the growth and prosperity of business in the communities we serve. We work with corporations, partnerships, small businesses, churches and community organizations on a daily basis. Small business owners can feel confident that First National Bank will gladly, professionally, and quickly handle their loan requests.

Real Estate Lending

Real Estate Lending is a specialty at First National Bank. As one of the few banks in the area that offers long term, fixed rate financing on commercial property, you’ll quickly learn of our dedication to developing a solid understanding of each opportunity and to work with customers to structure financing solutions that are both innovative and competitive. See us about obtaining a real estate loan for the purchase, construction, development, renovation, or refinancing of a business building or property.

Lines of Credit

A revolving line of credit is the essential tool for your business. Use it to manage cash flow to provide working capital to fund your day-to-day operations such as short-term needs like inventory, accounts receivable, or other seasonal needs. You may borrow, repay and borrow again up to your credit limit and without a set schedule. You may even tie your line of credit to a business checking account and create a zero balance account that maximizes cash flow while minimizing interest payments at the same time.

Term Loans

Your business can use a secured loan to finance fixed assets other than real estate. This may include equipment, vehicles, and furniture. It also offers a flexible payment schedule. The term of the loan depends on the life of the asset you are financing. It is a means for your business to obtain fixed assets without straining cash flow.